The reason of writing in english sometimes feels better

Don’t ask me, why I am writing in english. I don’t know it, sometimes it comes over me. Originally I wanted to avoid english titles etc. on my blog, because I think german is also a very beautiful language, which is able to express emotions more detailled than the average-spoken school-english. (Want proof for the potential of german language? Listen to early and midtime albums of Samsas Traum. I’ve always been impressed by Alex Kaschtes ability of forming such wonderful structures out of words.) But I guess it’s the zeitgeist, that got me too. (I looked it up! This word was adopted by the english language!) I have fun, writing and thinking in english sometimes. Even though I’ve got to admit: My english got very rusty – I realize it as I type these lines. But still it has got some magic in it, working with a different language. And the same things can sound very different! Can feel different, if you look at them in english. (This phenomenon I often observe when reading a manga in german, which I already read in english. Especially when it comes to the more hentai passages ;-) ) Is it because of english itself, or rather because it’s not my motherstounge so it would turn out simialarly in another language with the same niveau? Maybe a bit of both.

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